Button Down Shirts but Fashionable

When I think about a button down shirt, I automatically think about office wear or formal wear . And we agree that the button down can be very handy if you need to be looking professional at work, say for an interview or big meeting. It is crisp, fresh and looks amazing teamed with other formal wear such as a pencil skirt and heels. This being said, the humble button down shirt, isn’t going to win any awards for its style and originality, any time soon. 


70s Styling: Dresses

How cool was 70s fashion? Definitely one of my favourite decades and some of the trends still live on today. It bought us sequins, glitter, flares, bell bottoms to name a few. The 70s also produced a serious amount of dresses that are still so prevalent in today’s market. To pay homage to the peace and love era here are 4 key dress styles that ruled the fashion world back then and still do up to present day,


Check Yo Self

Autumn is almost here and that means somethings are a given: you’ll never want to leave the house at weekend so you can stuff your face with comfort food, you’ll start planning your next Halloween outfit, and check prints will become a large part of your Autumn/Winter wardrobe. How do I style the trend I hear you ask? Well we have done our research and put together some handy styling tips on how to wear checks…


Clashing Prints are Here to Stay

We’ve got good news, people: it’s still acceptable for us to wear clashing prints and will be for the foreseeable future. For AW18, sexy co-ords are going to the next big thing, whether that be in a solid, vibrant colour or an eye catching patterned print, they’re a beautiful mix of chic and comfort. If this matchy matchy look sounds like a bit of you then make sure you keep reading for some help on how to style the trend.

Get the Look

Make a Puffer Jacket Look Stylish

Few thing from your wardrobe make you as snug throughout the winter period as your trusty puffer jacket. The puffer jacket has been taken to another level. The puffer jacket is an integral part of your outerwear collection as it is the perfect jacket to keep you protected from the harsh elements. That being said, it can also make you look the marshmallow man from ghostbusters if you don’t wear it right.


5 Denim Trends You Need For The Autumn

Autumn is officially here! The sun has packed it’s bags and waved us goodbye until next Summer. I, for one, am ready for the change. There’s nothing like a good wardrobe clearout. I have seen countless blogs and articles spilling the information on what trends are going to be huge this season. But it seems a guide to what denim to wear is nowhere to be seen. So, what is Autumn’s angle when it comes to denim this season? Don’t worry too much, your skinny jeans can always be there to fall back on but try to experiment with some of the very best new cuts on the high street.  Check the new trends out below…