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70s Styling: Dresses

How cool was 70s fashion? Definitely one of my favourite decades and some of the trends still live on today. It bought us sequins, glitter, flares, bell bottoms to name a few. The 70s also produced a serious amount of dresses that are still so prevalent in today’s market. To pay homage to the peace and love era here are 4 key dress styles that ruled the fashion world back then and still do up to present day,


Check Yo Self

Autumn is almost here and that means somethings are a given: you’ll never want to leave the house at weekend so you can stuff your face with comfort food, you’ll start planning your next Halloween outfit, and check prints will become a large part of your Autumn/Winter wardrobe. How do I style the trend I hear you ask? Well we have done our research and put together some handy styling tips on how to wear checks…


5 Denim Trends You Need For The Autumn

Autumn is officially here! The sun has packed it’s bags and waved us goodbye until next Summer. I, for one, am ready for the change. There’s nothing like a good wardrobe clearout. I have seen countless blogs and articles spilling the information on what trends are going to be huge this season. But it seems a guide to what denim to wear is nowhere to be seen. So, what is Autumn’s angle when it comes to denim this season? Don’t worry too much, your skinny jeans can always be there to fall back on but try to experiment with some of the very best new cuts on the high street.  Check the new trends out below…


Dealing with a Heatwave

The sunshine is finally here. I know…we can’t believe it either. This rare sighting of sunlight is been the talk of the town recently. This is a welcomed sight, as you will know all to well, the British isles don’t often see much sunshine. How exciting is the thought of basking in the sunshine that sometimes isn’t the case. We have normal lives to lead including work, school runs and commutes so it’s a bit different than  being on holiday. Here are some brilliant fashion tips on how dress for a mini heatwave in the UK.



If you read an old blog of mine, emerald green is fast becoming one of the most popular colours in the fashion world. The catwalks were jam packed with emerald green with some of the biggest designers in the world showcasing some of their collection in the hue. It can be called Kelly green, jade green and it comes under a lot of other guises. It is more vibrant than it’s forest green counterpart, and not as bright as highlighter neon green that is doing so well at the moment. It’s kind of in the middle and looks fantastic with different shades of green such as sage or mint green.



Spring is almost upon us and it’s time for a reshuffle of the old wardrobe. A daunting task for many of you ladies out there but not for me. The majority of you will no doubt be still pulling your chunky knitwear and jackets out the wardrobe first thing before work. Stop that right now. It’s time to start fresh. Look, I’m not saying you need a full overhaul of all your clothes but instead you should think about adding some statement pieces to some of the clothing you already own from last Spring/Summer. 


5 Summer Outfits to Copy this April

We know what it’s like. That feeling when you wake up, look in your closet and decide you have no outfits to wear. The fact of the matter is, you just need some fashion inspiration – something that will help you look at your wardrobe in a new way.

To help remedy this, he team at Zuppe clothing have put together 4 outfits that will make your life a whole lot easier.

Yes, April means Spring has arrived but that doesn’t mean it is easy to dress for, it’s slightly warmer but the heavens can open at any moment. Your big coat feels bit much, but to go without one entirely would be daft. You want to wear that slip dress you bought last month, but it stills too cold.

Look no further than below to see how the fashion icons of the world are wearing April chic: