70s Styling: Dresses

How cool was 70s fashion? Definitely one of my favourite decades and some of the trends still live on today. It bought us sequins, glitter, flares, bell bottoms to name a few. The 70s also produced a serious amount of dresses that are still so prevalent in today’s market. To pay homage to the peace and love era here are 4 key dress styles that ruled the fashion world back then and still do up to present day,

That’s all folk

Floaty dresses in paisley prints, patchwork designs and hand stitched embroideries were all over the catwalks due to the rise of the hippy subculture. These prints and fabrics are perfect for you holidays but are equally good to wear with knee high boots on a night out with friends.

Jump day

The roll neck jumper dress is another awesome style that has stood the test of time. This style been my saviour on more than one occasion and saved me from catching a cold on many a chilly morning. Bring a modern twist on this outfit by adding some white ankle boots and statement jewellery. Add a tote bag to finish off the outfit nicely.

Flower hour

You cannot reference the 70s era without talking about the flower power craze. Flower prints effortless lift an outfit to the next level, espesh on a floaty silhouette. Go for a dark background to keep the outfit Autumn/Winter worthy. Add a biker jacket to bring a punk edge to the outfit.

Heavy shifting

The 70s era wasn’t all long hems and hipp inspired details. The early 70s also produced some of the most beautiful shift dress shapes. A white iteration is an on-point option for those obsessed with a more pared-back style. Just add black tights and high boots to counter those winter winds.

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