Dealing with a Heatwave

The sunshine is finally here. I know…we can’t believe it either. This rare sighting of sunlight is been the talk of the town recently. This is a welcomed sight, as you will know all to well, the British isles don’t often see much sunshine. How exciting is the thought of basking in the sunshine that sometimes isn’t the case. We have normal lives to lead including work, school runs and commutes so it’s a bit different than  being on holiday. Here are some brilliant fashion tips on how dress for a mini heatwave in the UK.

The Commute to the Office

You might often find yourself skipping to work due to the weather. We have been the same but that smile could be soon wiped away if you wear too many layers. go out baring your arms to help beat the heat but make sure you take a small cardigan to battle the office air conditioning.

Panic Buy

You’ll no doubt be panic buying heatwave worthy clothing as you’re still sat round in your chunky knitwear and long trousers. Get an amazing pair of tailored trousers and a satin blouse to keep you cool in the office.

The Rain

You know what will happen…as soon as Friday afternoon swings by you can guarantee the heavens will open. Don’t throw those fine knits away just yet. A lightweight jacket can be your best friend. Just take one along with you in case.

The Hunt For Last Year’s Sunglasses

Look in the back of every cupboard in the house and you’ll be sure to find them….eventually. If not there are some great variations out there at the moment.


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