Time to Update the Wardrobe: Summer Edition

If you’re anything like me then you cannot wait for the Summer sunshine. The only problem me, and most other people out there find is that they prefer to wear Winter clothing.

Because after all you’re used to your baggy t-shirt, jeans and a nice jacket combination. But it’s time to let go of the layering. You can’t walk around in a big coat, a jumper and a top in the height of Summer really can you. Below is guide to help you make those changes…

Get those sunnies out

I love wearing sunglasses. They are normally linked with blazing sunshine or even better…a Summer holiday. We don’t get to wear them very often in the UK as we only get about 3 weeks of sun every summer so take advantage while you can.


Now that the weather is (nearly) getting sunnier as the days go by, It’s time to bring out the colour big guns. Pastels are set to be huge this Summer along with primary colours. The more colour the better in my opinion.

Bigger the better

Well perhaps not for everything, but when it comes to clothing get those wide legged trousers and big shirts out, cause it’s gonna be one of your go to’s this summer. Oversized Italian clothing is fantastic in the Summer heat as its not clingy and a lot cooler. Go for some nice lightweight linen when the temperature soars. You’ll thank us later.


We love stripes! The list of stripes out there is endless. Horizontal, vertical, pinstripe, colourful, black & white…you name it. Channel your inner sailor and go crazy with stripe prints this Summer.

Even more dresses

Yes, dresses are gonna start becoming more and more acceptable come the summer, and it’s a perfect time for you to really indulge in everything summer has to offer for you. And it’ll make you feel like your a part of an old Italian movie, which is always a bonus for us.

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