3 Summer Trends that are going to be BIG!

1.Pair Your Skirt With a Sports Bra

This might seem like a risky move but I saw a fashionista, do it on my Instagram feed with a white sports bra (or it could have been a very short crop top) and high-waist linen skirt, and I fell in love with the look immediately. I appreciate not every office dress code would allow this sort of outfit, but there are plenty of other times when you could wear it, including a hot day date, going for drinks on a sunny rooftop (please be sunny in the UK again this summer), or just hanging out with friends.

2. The Windbreaker Treatment

We all know that last Summer in the UK was, surprisingly, really good but some nights the temperature dropped and if you was still eating and drinking Al Fresco then you might have got a chill. If i am honest I am a little bored of the usual ‘blazer jacket’ options as the only summer outerwear option, which is why it was refreshing to see so many windbreakers on show on the major catwalk events. Not only is it a really “different” take on Summer outwear but it will also elevate your outfit to new heights as pairing your current wardrobe with a windbreaker will be something you’ve probably never done before and result in some amazing outfits.

3. T-shirt and High-Waist Bikini Bottoms

This style is obviously only for when you’re on your holidays and within touching distance of some water. This trend is only going to be relevant when you’re basking in the sun but it was too much of a great look to not tell you about it. There are some amazing high waisted bikinis on offer at the moment in some gorgeous colours and eye catching prints. Ditch the shorts and wear this as your statement bottoms with a t-shirt. The look is original and will keep you from melting in the heat.


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