There are some amazing trends that have cropped up in the fashion world of late. Fashion seems to be making trends last longer instead of trends lasting only a couple of weeks. The variety of colours, shapes and outfit combos in the fashion world is better than ever, and this keeps expanding. We have a reached a point where you can wear pretty much anything and it will be accepted by even the most hardcore fashionista. Vinyl fabrics and see through shearing clothing has been taking the runway by storm. Fashion has gotten brave. The fact you can express yourself with your clothing and you won’t be looked down upon means its a great time to be alive. The new laid back approach to fashion has meant designers has been give carte blanche to create whatever collections they want with zero restrictions.

Over the last few seasons brands have been bringing back some of the very best classics of yesteryear. The bringing back of such wardrobe staples is in itself classed as a new trend. We love this as the things that are being brought back never rally enrt out of fashion. They have just been improved by putting a new spin on them. 

One of the most classic pieces from days gone by is the slingback shoe.  From a front or birds eye view you could mistaken the slingback for a normal pair of closed toe flats or pumps. Pan round to the back and you will see they are backless and look like a mule. The slingback is great for the Summer months as your feet still get some exposure.

Another classic is the logo tee. The familiar 90s style has made it’s return and can be found from any high street store. We recommend a classic band print tee. This is a timeless look that is great for casual and dressed up moments. For the casual look pair your band tee with some high waisted mom jeans. If you wanna dress a band tee up then wear it with a long pleated swing skirt and high heels.

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