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3 Summer Trends that are going to be BIG!

This might seem like a risky move but I saw a fashionista, do it on my Instagram feed with a white sports bra (or it could have been a very short crop top) and high-waist linen skirt, and I fell in love with the look immediately. I appreciate not every office dress code would allow this sort of outfit, but there are plenty of other times when you could wear it, including a hot day date, going for drinks on a sunny rooftop (please be sunny in the UK again this summer), or just hanging out with friends.

Get the Look


There are some amazing trends that have cropped up in the fashion world of late. Fashion seems to be making trends last longer instead of trends lasting only a couple of weeks. The variety of colours, shapes and outfit combos in the fashion world is better than ever, and this keeps expanding. We have a reached a point where you can wear pretty much anything and it will be accepted by even the most hardcore fashionista. Vinyl fabrics and see through shearing clothing has been taking the runway by storm. Fashion has gotten brave. The fact you can express yourself with your clothing and you won’t be looked down upon means its a great time to be alive. The new laid back approach to fashion has meant designers has been give carte blanche to create whatever collections they want with zero restrictions.