Denim: Boyfriend Jeans

Admit it, you’ve always looked at your boyfriend with envy when he’s sat there in his baggy jeans and you’re stuffed into your skinny jeans. But never fear, fashion gurus and wholesale clothing suppliers, Zuppe Clothing Company have given us a few cool ways for you to wear your boyfriend jeans, that might save your legs during summer.

Pair them with Some Girly clothing

Boyfriend jeans are great and we love the comfort factor but you need some balance when putting together your outfit. Think of what would still look girly. For example, we would go for a pastel coloured blazer and a slogan tee and some cool sneakers to give that casual look but with a feminine touch. 

For the Minimalists

For all of the minimalists out there, only a straight leg and clean hem will do. Thrown on with a simple black shirt and loafers, it’s an easy and stylish go-to outfit for any day of the week.

Embrace the Dad-Inspired Fashion Trends

We keep seeing them term ‘dad inspired trends’ pop up a lot lately. This is due to some of the designers collections at the global fashion weeks. Chunky trainers and oversized lumber jack check shirts will give you a gist of what we mean. Wearing these with boyfriend jeans would look great, very casual but if worn right, fantastic.

Rip Them Up a Bit

Wear the trend that everyone seems to be into: ripping and distressing denim. It’s working on skinny jeans and now the trend has moved onto boyfriend ones too.

They Don’t All Have to be Blue

When we think of denim we automatically think of stonewash denim. This doesn’t have to be the case. Go for a darker shade if your trying to dress them up a bit or go for a pastel shade to be really on trend.

Be Bold

Although the boyfriend jean isn’t the boldest of styles it can give you the opportunity to go crazy in other areas. Sequins, sparkle, statement jewellery. They don’t have to be the star of the show but the perfect accompaniment to the rest of your statement pieces.

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